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My Magical Wand

My Magical Wand

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Wireless Remote Control Wand with Electrical Outlet Smart Socket perfect for Fairy Gardens, Lights, Fans, Christmas Lights, and Small Appliances. The Magical Wand transmitter activates the remote base wall adapter. Simply plug and press the buttons. No need for WIFI connection, smartphone, or smart device.

  • PLUG AND PLAY: Use on and off buttons to remotely control any electric outlet switch.
  • EASY TO USE: No wiring. Simply plug the smart socket into your wall outlet, then plug in your desired cord.
  • CONVENIENT: A whimsical sound effect plays and the star lights up when you push the button on the wand.
  • SAFE: Works with any electrical outlet to add magic to fairy gardens, holiday décor, nativity scenes, princess and fairy bedrooms, illuminate parties, and more. Adds so much fun and joy to Holidays, Christmas, Birthdays, and celebrations!
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